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Milano mattress, 150 x 195 cm, separate springs, height 26 - BDL93

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The mattress is most suitable for you because it is made of a European chassis and has separate pocket springs that give you complete comfort for a peaceful sleep
  • the details :
- Raw materials:
- Chassis of separate springs coated with a layer of Vaseline, Spanish manufacture.
- Steel frame surrounding the springs.
- Side and front panels made of high-pressure foam, which provides protection at the highest level.
- A layer of insulating felt on both sides.
- A layer of high-pressure sponge on both sides.
- A layer of Vaseline upholstered with fabric.
- A layer of premium soft sponge upholstered with double-sided fabric, 1 cm thick.
- A layer of fiber upholstered with cloth for the winter.
- The fabric (double net) is processed according to international specifications.
- European-origin ventilation holes
- Handles surround the corners of the mattress for easy carrying.
- Bears all weights
- 3D spacer to give an aesthetic shape to the mattress
- One of the products of Forbid Company
- 10 year warranty
  • Delivery time: within 7-10 working days
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