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سرير خشب متعدد المقاسات - رمادي سيجال
سرير خشب متعدد المقاسات - رمادي سيجال
سرير خشب متعدد المقاسات - رمادي سيجال

Multi Size Wood Bed - Gray

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Size: 200 x 120 cm

200 x 120 cm
200 x 140 cm
200 x 160 cm
200 x 180 cm
SKU: WS017
Bedtime is a time for rest and relaxation after a hard day of work. Get a restful and deep sleep by purchasing a bed made of high-quality materials that will help you get a comfortable and deep sleep at the end of every day. The bed will become a wonderful addition to your bedroom because it has a modern and attractive design
  • Specifications:
- A bed made of natural beech wood and natural canopy
- Imported linen, hybrid and velvet fabrics
- The possibility of canceling the legs and making a mechanical siphon with an increase in the price of 1000 EGP
- Type: Bed
- Colour: grey
- Raw materials:
- Bed: beech wood and natural console
- Sizes:
- the bed :
- Height: 120 cm
- Depth: 200 cm
- Width: 120 cm / 140 / 160 / 180 cm
  • Delivery period: from 12 to 15 working days
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